Employee Stories

Thinking about joining the team at Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services? Hear what current employes have to say about working here.


Tami _Wachter

Tami Wachter

My name is Tami Wachter and I am the Donor Testing Laboratory Supervisor at Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services. I began my career with CBC/CTS in September of 1990.

In my position I supervise the daily operation of the Donor Testing Laboratory, write validation plans to ensure new instrumentation and processes work as expected, and write standard operating procedures that provide instructions for training personnel on how to perform various functions of the donor testing laboratory.

I love my position because as a medical technologist I get to work with technical instrumentation and perform sophisticated laboratory tests. The Donor Testing Laboratory performs infectious disease testing on blood donations collected by the Community Blood Center. Working in a blood center exposes you to instrumentation that is not common in most hospital laboratories, and we are using cutting edge technology on a daily basis. I truly believe in our mission to provide quality blood products to our community, and working in the Donor Testing Laboratory makes me proud to be a part of that process.

Paula _Baker

Paula Baker

My name is Paula Baker. I am one of the Education and Training Coordinators for Collection Services. I have been with CBC/CTS since May of 1996. My job allows me to train the staff who are the faces of the Blood Center. I train the Phlebotomists that screen the donors and draw the units of blood. I also train staff the Apheresis RN's on all types of Therapeutic Apheresis procedures.

I love being one of the first people that new staff members meet at CBC/CTS. I truly believe in the mission of our company…We are Saving and Enhancing Lives…and I love to share that passion with new employees.

I can NOT imagine a more rewarding career than what I get to do each day. To see the lives of patients saved through the blood products we collect and through therapeutic apheresis procedures, it is an AMAZING thing to be a part of.

Alicia _Siefring

Alicia Siefring

My name is Alicia Siefring and I am a Quality Auditor at Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services. I began my career with CBC/CTS on June 18th, 1996.  In my position I evaluate departmental processes and operations to determine compliance with internal, local, state and federal requirements and regulations.

I love my position because I know my efforts will help to produce products that save or enhance lives. Our business is highly regulated, and auditing internal processes is mandated by the federal government; therefore, I have a part in assuring we distribute safe and quality products. Through auditing, I have opportunities to interact with many of my peers and learn a great deal about the various processes we perform at CBC/CTS. Production of blood and tissue products is an exciting field and I enjoy performing a function that aids in putting our company above the rest.

Laurie _Carolus

Laurie Carolus

My name is Laurie Carolus and I am an Administrative Assistant in the Quality Assurance Department at Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services. I began my career with CBC/CTS for the 2nd time on January 2, 2007. In my position I perform many functions including: Document Control, which involves creating, revising, and implementing Standard Operating Procedures/Policies (SOPs); tracking SOPs, Validations, and Quality Improvement Reports (QIRs), as well as entering information into the QIR database.

I love my position because I get to work with a great group of people who believe in our mission/ vision. How many people can say they work in an organization that saves so many lives?

Brenda _Robbins

Brenda Robbins

My name is Brenda Robbins, and I am a Donor Referral Coordinator for Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services. I began my career with CBC/CTS on October 6, 2008. In my position, I receive calls about potential tissue donors. I follow up with nurses, doctors and coroners to ensure safe tissue for awaiting patients. I talk to donor families to obtain a full history of the donor, and I thank them for their generous gift of life.

I love my position because the kind of work we do here is very life-enriching and meaningful. I've chosen this line of work as my career choice because this is not just a job, it's an opportunity to bring people together and save lives.

I hope to make a difference in someone else's life, and also in myself. This is the start to a very long path in my career choices. I'm very happy to be a part of the CBC/CTS family.