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Transfusion Safety Program

The Transfusion Safety Program (TSP) is a community-based blood management program offered to all hospitals receiving blood and blood products from CBC/CTS. Developed in 2007, the TSP team partners with hospitals to improve blood availability, enhance patient safety and promote evidence-based clinical practices within the community. 

Services and tools provided by this program include:

  • Expert Transfusion Medicine guidance on transfusion safety, blood management and compliance issues.
  • Access to the Appropriate Inventory Management (AIM) system.*
  • Group participation in the US Biovigilance Network.
  • Continuing education programs on Transfusion Medicine for physicians, nurses and clinical laboratory scientists.

*AIM is a web-based donor-to blood recipient tracking system used by CBC/CTS and participating hospitals to monitor appropriate blood utilization, reduce wastage and control transfusion costs. AIM includes a national database of information that participating hospitals can use to benchmark with similar hospitals across the U.S.


AIM Blood Management System

Partnership with CBC and hospitals to make Blood Management count



Links to US Biovigilance Network, Hemovigilance Module


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Blood Bulletins

Provided by CBC/CTS in conjunction with America's Blood Centers.