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January 30, 2014

CENTERVILLE, Ohio - "Every Drop Counts" is the battle cry for Community Blood Center (CBC) at the midway point of a winter that has been downright inhospitable.   The slogan is on the side of the ceramic campfire mug CBC is giving as a donor gift from Jan. 27 through Feb. 22.  It's an appropriate reminder that small mini-bus blood drives - like the Wednesday, Jan. 29 blood drive at Miami Valley Hospital South - really do count when collection goals are challenged during the heart of winter.

The week started with a flurry of cancelled blood drives because of the sub-zero temperatures and sub-sub-zero wind chill.  High schools that were closed Tuesday re-opened Wednesday, but on a two-hour delay.  A two-day corporate blood drive at Honda of America in Anna and a busy blood drive at Wilson Medical Building in Sidney were very timely in helping CBC compensate for the cancellations.

By comparison, a three-woman CBC crew had modest goals when they circled the Miami Valley Hospital South parking lot Wednesday, finding the place where donors could quickly exit the hospital and have the shortest possible walk through the sunny but cold weather to the CBC three-bed mini-bus.  Previous drives at the hospital were indoors, using the spacious second-flood "Sun Room" or a conference room, but resources Wednesday dictated the mini-bus approach.

Loyal hospital employee donors found the bus with no problem. For Heather Brown, an educator for the inpatient unit, it was a bonus day.  She received her "Every Drop Counts" mug, and her "Donor for Life - 5 LTD" t-shirt for making her milestone 5th lifetime donation.

"I can usually sneak away to donate," she said. "I like the fact that they come here.  I drive to the main building downtown sometimes, but here it's a lot easier to get to."

"I do it every time it comes here," said CAT Scan technician Jeanna Bocko.  She sometimes donates at the Dayton CBC or the Bellbrook Fire Department blood drive, but was happy to jump on the mini-bus Wednesday for her milestone 15th blood donation (one donation shy of the two gallon donor mark!)

Hand therapist Jenny Hausfeld has passed the two-gallon mark and made her 19th lifetime donation Wednesday.  As it turned out, it was a new donation experience.  "I sometimes go downtown to donate every so often," she said. "This is my first time for the bus!"

Credit goes to blood drive coordinator Michelle Kingsfield and CBC account representative Donna Teuscher for always being flexible when it comes to collecting those valuable blood drops at Miami Valley Hospital South.  Wednesday's mini-bus blood drive had a dozen registrations and collected eight units.  That's a gallon of donated, life-saving blood on a very cold day when every drop did indeed count.