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January 27, 2014

DAYTON, Ohio - Vectren will continue to support area students who creatively challenge their peers to be blood donors.  The Community Blood Center (CBC)/Vectren Lead the Way Creative Scholarship for High School Seniors will be funded by the Vectren for the 10th year.

The CBC/Vectren scholarship motivates the region's young adults to become blood resource leaders of tomorrow by annually awarding $1,000 in college tuition assistance to five scholarship recipients.  Vectren Community Affairs Manager Lynda Hoffman presented CBC Chief Operating Officer Jodi Minneman with a $5,000 check on Jan. 16, marking the 10th year of Vectren funding.

"It is inspiring to see organizations like the Community Blood Center encouraging Miami Valley youth to get involved in our communities," said Vectren's Lynda Hoffman.  "Getting youth involved in giving back to their communities at an early age and taking steps to further their education helps lead to a future of strong community leaders and we are proud to support this effort."

"We are so proud of all our high school donors and thankful to their principals, teachers and blood drive coordinators who welcome us into their schools and support our lifesaving mission," said CBC's Jodi Minneman.   "Lead the Way is a chance to help students who are inspired to do more.  Vectren is a wonderful partner in recognizing their talents, supporting their efforts, and rewarding them as they take on the challenge of college."

Lead the Way is open to all graduating high school seniors in CBC's 15-county service area who are college bound and whose high school hosted a CBC blood drive during the 2013-14 academic year.

The scholarship puts an emphasis on creativity and dedication to helping others.  Only a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher is required.   Applicants are asked to imagine themselves as the leader of their high school's blood drive and challenged to create a winning Donor Recruitment Campaign.

They must create a theme for the campaign expressed in a marketing slogan; explain why the theme will effectively encourage students to donate; and express the theme in a clever, creative fashion using conventional marketing techniques or innovative, artistic expressions. 

All candidates should submit their application and blood drive marketing campaign to CBC.   Mailings must be postmarked by April 20, 2014.   Five winners will be announced in May.   Application forms and samples of award-winning campaigns are available online at   For more information contact Education Specialist Cristina Pickle at 937-461-3453 and



January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month and Community Blood Center (CBC) is recognizing all donors and volunteers who support CBC Donor Centers and mobile blood drives in CBC's 15-county region of western Ohio and eastern Indiana. Since 1970 January has been designated as a special month to encourage donors to give blood or make a pledge to donate.  The 2014 theme is "Make Lifesaving a Habit."

January was established as National Blood Donor Month because maintaining the community blood supply is traditionally a challenge during the winter months.  CBC begins the New Year with an ample reserve and is well positioned to reliably provide our partner hospitals with the blood they need.

CBC's goal for 2014 is to register 88,000 blood donors and collect 74,000 pints of blood (not every individual who registers to give blood is able to donate). CBC will also strive to register 9,800 platelet donors in order to collect 7,300 units of platelets.

In round numbers, CBC needs about 300 units of blood and platelets from more than 350 donors each day.  It remains CBC's mission and responsibility to recruit these donors and provide the services necessary to complete these goals.

CBC's message in 2014 will be familiar: Blood donors are real life heroes because of the sacrifice they make to save the lives of people they may never know.  If you are at least 17 years of age (16 with parental consent), weigh at least 110 pounds and meet other donor requirements, you may be eligible to donate blood.