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April 12, 2018

FAIRBORN, Ohio - There's a success story at Wright State University that might have been overlooked during a championship basketball season and challenging budget cuts.  The Raiders are quietly building a reputation for helping save lives with their award-winning campus blood drives.

Community Blood Center is honoring both Wright State University and the Boonshoft School of Medicine with Platinum awards in the 2017 LifeSaving Ambassadors Club for blood drive excellence. Platinum is the highest honor to blood drive sponsors for achieving 100 percent or more of collection goals.

Compare blood drive performance during the school year of 2016-2017 to the current year, and the turn-around is dramatic.  Wright State completed the 2017-2018 year with its April 10 blood drive in the Student Union Atrium.  It was a strong finish with 38 donors, including a dozen first-time donors and 33 donations for 150 percent of the collection goal.

Tuesday's blood drive was the sixth blood drive of the 2017-2018 school year, double the number of blood drives in 2016-2017.  The six blood drives totaled 258 donors, including 90 first-time donors and 201 blood donations for 118 percent of goal.

Wright state not only doubled the number of blood drives from the previous year, it also increased number of donors by 118 percent.

The Boonshoft School of Medicine went from one blood drive in the 2016-2017 school year to four in the current year. Boonshoft totaled 125 donors, 52 first-time donors and 97 donations for 111 percent of collection goal, a 681 percent increase.

The Association of Student Nurses co-sponsored the April 10 WSU blood drive with the Honors Program, and also sponsored a blood drive in the fall.

"We're doing pretty good, we've got a lot of walk-ins," said nursing student Claire Deffet as she and fellow ASN volunteers checked-in donors and offered refreshments in the Donor CafĂ©.  "It's good for us to volunteer. It gets you exposed to different things, like helping people who might have reactions."

Senior Alex Vaughn started donating in high school and continued at Wright State.  She made her sixth lifetime donation Tuesday.  "I donate about once a year," said Alex. "I don't donate as often as some people I know, but I like to when I can."

Sam Tendam stopped by the Atrium blood drive to make his second lifetime donation.   He belongs to Sigma Phi Epsilon, a fraternity that encourages members to contribute community service hours.  "That's what brought me out here today," said Sam, "But it's also a good thing to do."