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November 27, 2019

WEST CHESTER, Ohio - High winds and heavy traffic made for a frenzied pace on Thanksgiving Eve, but all was calm inside MidPointe Library West Chester.   The hush came from donors choosing to give thanks before Thanksgiving arrived by giving blood.

The Nov. 27 blood drive marked the four-year anniversary of Community Blood Center's monthly blood drive partnership at MidPointe. The November blood drives tend to fall on Thanksgiving Eve, and there is never a worry about filling the donor beds.

The Community Room at MidPointe has hosted the blood drive on the fourth Wednesday of every month since Thanksgiving Eve 2015.  Plasma donations were added two years ago, then platelet donations last year, along with the expanded blood drive hours of 1:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

MidPointe considers the blood drive perfectly in keeping with its goal to be a complete community center, especially during the holiday season.

Fairfield Township donor Peggy Eversole came to make her 84th lifetime donation. "For years, and years, and years I have hosted Thanksgiving," said Peggy. "Last year, the day after Thanksgiving, my husband passed away."

Peggy looks back and sees a blessing. Gathering for Thanksgiving gave every family member a chance to say farewell to her husband.

"My daughter-in-law is hosting this year," said Peggy. "All I have to do is make my awesome green beans! I'll do it tomorrow morning, so they'll be good and fresh."

Middletown donor Susie Peil was relaxed after donating. She will be cooking and traveling but felt no pressure about the holiday. "We're going to my mom's.  I'm cooking and taking everything. It's only about an hour away."

"I have the day off," said Fairfield Township donor Alan Newbright. "My wife is getting everything ready. This was a good excuse to get out of the house!"

"This was on my way home from work," said Liberty Township donor Mike McAuliffe. "They're all coming to us tomorrow, kids and grandkids."

"I'm not going out of town - no big deal," said West Chester donor Frank Lachut.

West Chester donor Christine Westendorf let her two young children explore the library before her donation. She's been busy, but not too busy to donate. "I have to go to Kroger for the fourth time in three days, she said. "We're hosting about 30 people.  But this happened to be the best time for me to come."

Oxford Township Police Officer will be on duty Thanksgiving Day, but he also feels a duty to donate.

"I was in a motorcycle accident in 2003 and I received 12 to 13 units of blood," said David. "I thought I should start giving it back."  David was a plasma donor and now donates platelets. "I'm a police officer, so we don't do Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving. We'll have ours on Saturday."

Hamilton donor Jim Moeller made his first donation two days after Christmas last year and is now a Donor for Life. He made his sixth lifetime donation at the MidPointe Thanksgiving Eve blood drive.  He knows what he wants for this holiday.

"To encourage others to donate," said Jim. "My goal was to get at least two. I'm still working on it."