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February 16, 2022

FORT LORAMIE, Ohio - Fort Loramie blood donors come together like an army in time of need. On Feb. 15 the troops rallied again to support young cancer patient Adam Schulze at the St. Michael's Hall blood drive.

Adam is a 10-year-old student at Fort Loramie Elementary School who has been battling cancer since February 2020. After 66 weeks of chemotherapy treatments, the cancer returned. He has been undergoing a more aggressive chemotherapy and receives frequent platelet transfusions. He will have surgeries this month to remove tumors in his nasal area and arm.

The Schulze family are neighbors to platelet donor and St. Michael's blood drive co-coordinator Roger Bender, who proposed holding Tuesday's blood drive in Adam's honor. Adam's dad Ryan Schulze said in response, "If more people are willing to donate, that makes us happy here."

The blood drive totaled 283 donors, including 267 whole blood and double red cell donors, 236 whole blood donations and 16 platelet and plasma donors for 109% of collection goal.

It followed a similar turnout in December for the St. Michael's blood drive dedicated to another Fort Loramie boy, eighth-grader Alex Poeppelman, who survived traumatic blood loss.

Both blood drives inspired more members of the community. "I know it brought in some first-time donors," said co-coordinator Jane Poeppelman. Tuesday's blood drive totaled 17 first-time donors.

Adam's uncle Jay Schulze donated and talked about Adam's progress. "He's home now," he said. "Day to day versus overall, he's as good as you can hope. I haven't donated in forever. I told my wife I have to get back into it."

Lillian Moore made her third lifetime donation Tuesday. She's a junior at Fort Loramie High, where students have gathered gift packages for Adam and made him an honorary captain of the basketball team.

St. Michal's now hosts six community blood drives per year, all sponsored by the Fort Loramie American Legion Ladies Auxiliary, the Fort Loramie Community Service Club, St. Michael's Church and the St. Michael's Knights of St. John.

Tuesday's blood drive was a homecoming for auxiliary member Jan Stockman, who donated double red cells and now has 215 lifetime donations.

"It's the first time I've been able to donate in about nine months," said Jan. Last April she tripped on a step in her home and broke her hip, femur, and 10 bones in her wrist and shoulder. "I'm so glad I can give today and get back into the routine."

Jan is part of the loyal army of St. Michael's donors, and thanks to donor Ed Sanders, on Tuesday they even had a "flag." Ed made his 116th lifetime donation and brought with him a special Christmas gift of a blanket made from photo images of his donor t-shirts.

"They did it almost as a joke," said Ed. "I've got so many shirts the kids thought at Christmas time I should have a blood blanket too. I just opened it and said, look at that! They used about 10, I have so many."